Adobe After Effects – Building Destruction Effect (Part 2)

In the second part of the advanced building destruction tutorial we will add a little bit more detail to the effect to finish it off. I will show you how to add debris and smoke particles and how to create realistic lighting for the explosions in our scene.

Adobe After Effects – Building Destruction Effect (Part 1)

In this advanced After Effects tutorial I will show you how to create cool looking building destruction effects for a moving shot. We will be using the 3D Camera Tracker to track our scene and then place a fake building in our skyline to blow up!

Creating awesome 3D VFX With Element 3D by VideoCopilot

In 3D Integration VFX Part 6 I will show you how to use the excellent Element 3D plug-in by videocopilot to composite 3D objects into your shots directly inside of Adobe After Effects! While not as powerful as a fully fledge 3D program, Element 3D makes it easy to create simple, but great looking 3D integration VFX!

3D Integration Part 5 – Compositing a UFO in Adobe After Effects

In Part 5 of my 3D Integration VFX tutorial series I will show you how to composite your rendered 3D elements back into your original shot using Adobe After Effects. You will learn to match up your footage elements, add stock footage layers and use Z-depth compositing to create a realistic 3D integration effect.

Adobe After Effects – Motorcycle Explosion Tutorial

Learn how to blow up a motorcycle in Adobe After Effects. This tutorial shows you how to motion track a moving shot and removing a motorcycle that is already in the scene. We will then add a cool looking explosion as well as some shrapnel and camera shake to finish off the effect.