After Effects Blood Smear Effect using CC Smear

Learn how to create a very simple but useful effect for your action movie projects: how to create a blood smear effect of someone being hit by a bullet and then sliding down the wall, leaving streaks of blood behind. This tutorial will show you how to apply the CC smear to achieve this quick effect.

Entertaining, High Quality Visual Effects and Film Making Tutorials

We all hate boring tutorials and therefore Surfaced Studio offers high quallity VFX and film making tutorials with a humorous twist. We like to call it ‘edutainment’ and try to capture what Surfaced Studio is all about in this brand new YouTube trailer!

Adobe After Effects – Motorcycle Explosion Tutorial

Learn how to blow up a motorcycle in Adobe After Effects. This tutorial shows you how to motion track a moving shot and removing a motorcycle that is already in the scene. We will then add a cool looking explosion as well as some shrapnel and camera shake to finish off the effect.

Advanced Lightning In Adobe After Effects

Learn how to create great looking lightning VFX in Adobe After Effects! Whether you want to re-create a scene from Star Wars or simply shock your friends, this basics tutorial takes you through the simple process of applying the Advanced Lightning effect and some masks to create realistic looking lightning.

Great Looking Explosions In Adobe After Effects

Let’s blow some stuff up! In this tutorial I show you how to create cool explosion VFX for your video projects. I show you a few more advanced techniques for taking your explosion from a very simple level to something that really shows off the intensity of the detonation.