The Mivitar Boling P1 is a pocket sized RGB video light. It is a sturdy aluminium construction, plenty of light output and lots of different modes to easily control the colour. In this quick video review I want to talk about this nifty little light.


  • 1:06 Introduction
  • 1:39 Specs & Features
  • 5:04 Thoughts & Verdict

The Mivitar Boling P1 has a sturdy, full aluminum body and a solid weight of 260g. It has 3 different modes to control the color, intensity and behaviour of the light. You can set the colour temperature to anything between 2500K – 8500K or set the colour directly via HSI.

There are additional effect settings for blinking, cycling and flashing modes. The LED light charges via USB-C and lasts over 2 hours at full brightness. And yes, you can use the light while it’s plugged in and charging :)

If you are looking for a great small RGB video light to carry around with you at all times, check out the Mivitar Boling P1.

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