Song Challenge – The Circle Concept

Welcome to SurfacedMusic!

If you are passionate about writing, recording and mixing music, you’ve come to the right place!

While I am not a music professional, music has always been a big part of my life and I have been writing, recording and mixing my own pieces for well over a decade now.

There are 3 main reasons I have created this blog:

1. As my creative outlet.
I have large amounts of ideas, fragments, unfinished songs that got stuck somewhere between inception and mastering, lying around and I want to have a place to gather them, share them with other people and get some feedback to – hopefully – gain more motivation to complete them.

2. To share knowledge.
To teach and learn (there’s plenty of stuff I’m still having trouble with) about song writing, recording, mixing and the general music creation process with other musicians.

3. To collaborate.
I consider myself a fairly good guitarist/pianist/drummer, but I am not that great at the bass guitar or with vocals. I will post ‘collaboration’ posts on this blog where I will put up a song (or parts of a song), disassembled into individual instrument tracks, for other artists to download, modify, remix, put their own ideas, melodies, vocals over and submit back to me.

My plan is to regularly update this blog with my own music, random tutorials, collaboration posts or general music experiments for others to enjoy, learn from, or give feedback on.

Today’s post is going to be a collaboration post :D


The Circle Concept

The Circle Concept is one of my many unfinished rock songs. It’s missing an escalation/solo part as well as an ending and I haven’t gotten around to recording any vocals for it yet either. However, I have chosen it because I think the sound quality of the song is just so much better than my old music (mainly due to new gear and learning more about mixing) and will make it easier for other musicians to work with.

Here is the current version of the song!






Simply right click the links to download the mp3 files. Feel free to remix the tracks, add instruments, add vocals, redo instruments, add whole new sections, anything really, and send them back to me so I can post them online on this website for others to hear!

I myself will continue to work on this song and I already have a few good ideas, but I am curious what other artists can make of the material I have so far.

Again, welcome to SurfacedMusic and I hope you will enjoy this blog!