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      I am just starting out on AE, I have created a simple 3d logo which I want to rotate. I have created the rotation and rendered in both .mov and .PNG format. The movie format rotates smoothly without issue. The PNG format, which is what I want to use in OBS stutters at the end of each rotation as if its missing frames at the end of the rotation. How can I fix this. I have rendered this around 14 times and changed little aspects here and there but to no avail. Any help with be appreciated.

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      Surfaced Studio

      Hi themonk,

      If you stitch together those PNGs into a movie and render that (maybe using HitFilm Express or some other software) does that look correct?

      I’m trying to figure out if OBS is simply struggling to render those PNG files quick enough and therefore it looks like it’s stuttering or if there’s actually an issue with the video. Given it seems to work fine in the MOV my guess is that it’s just not playing back properly when you use the PNG format.

      Let me know how you go!


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