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      Hey Tobias.

      I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on how to add 3D objects onto your moving body using Element and After Effects. For example if I would want to create a 3D iron man model on my body wall I’m turning and moving.

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      Surfaced Studio


      I have started a series on how to integrate 3D with real life footage and I can see that as part of that series I will likely be covering how to attach 3D objects to moving elements – just not sure when that might happen.

      Also note that while Element can be used to render your 3D objects, you do still need something to actually track the movement of the thing you want to attach it to – things like that can be done with tools such as Syntheyes, Mocha Pro and Blender :)

      It’s on my todo list, just not sure when I’ll get around to it, it’s a pretty advanced task usually done by a skilled team of people to actually make it look good haha!

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      Maxon actually just released a new app for this purpose.

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      Surfaced Studio

      That looks pretty cool! I wish I didn’t have to have an active Maxon subscription to C4D with online account to be able to access and download the data captured by the app :D

      Someone should make something like this but using an open source data format that you can import into any 3D application you want – that’d be awesome!

      Still, the app and workflow look pretty cool if it works as advertised :)
      Did you ever get to try it?

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      Oh, didn’t know you needed a subscription to use the data. Bummer. I haven’t had a project to try it on yet, only used it on my phone with a wireframe overlay. Looks good there at least

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