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      Hey Tobis,

      I was wondering how to take a green screen background and take whatever object you put on the green screen and create a mask around it. In other words I am asking how can you take a ready made green screen video and add a mask with the object that has been keyed with out using rotoscoping. Thank You so much.

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      Surfaced Studio


      If you are talking about how to remove the green screen so you can replace it with anything else or simply to isolate the object, I have a few tutorials on my YouTube channel for that:

      Here is one on how to do green screening in Adobe After Effects:

      [youtube id=”GvmVwNSU6j8″]

      And here is one on how to green screen in HitFilm Express – which is a free, but powerful video editing/VFX software:

      [youtube id=”X1ayXCMXj4s”]

      Hope that helps!


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      Hey, (On youtube) has a Wonder Women tutorial were he covers how to create an isolated mask when the lasso is created. I suggest watching that video.

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