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      Hey Tobias,

      A while ago you created a tutorial on how to add 2D Tattoos scars to your body using Mocha. I was wondering how to do that exact same thing (Using Mocha Pro) but this time adding 3D objects to your face (Using Element 3D) This will be a big help if you could either make a tutorial on this soon or write me back how to do it.

      Thank You

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      A while back we made a video about how to track elements using mocha tracking data

      Note this video was created 7 years ago, but the general principles are the same! Note that although it says “Part 1” there is only one part (sorry.).

      [youtube id=”_bMENYVPvTE”]
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      Surfaced Studio

      Thank you for already providing a response Martin :) You’re really on the ball when it comes to answering all of the Mocha questions!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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