Can I add an adjustment layer to two separate eye masks?

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      Hey everyone,

      So I’ve been trying to edit my eye colour using video copilots colour vibrance plugin which says to add the effect to an adjustment layer.

      Whenever i do this it will only add the colour vibrance effect to one eye. I’m guessing there’s something really silly or obvious that I’m doing wrong.

      In the adjustment layer I’ve linked it to the right eye null but can’t parent it to the other one so even though I’ve masked both eyes inside the adjustment layer it still doesn’t work.

      Please h

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      If you have an adjustment layer with an effect and add multiple (additive) masks onto the layer, then the effect should be applied underneath each mask.

      I can see from your screenshot that you have a lot of other masks on the layer as well (some subtractive and more further down). Are you sure there isn’t something taking away the effect from the mask that sits on the other eye along the way?


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