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      Hey Everyone,

      The trouble with me is – I don’t make anything – I only use third party models in Blender!

      Here’s the thing. I’ve imported this blaster model made in 3ds Max. As you can see – the gun sight should be ’round’ – but Blender is presenting it with the minimum number of edges here causing this angular look. Got the angular thing going on with the trigger too.

      I’m sure this is simplicity itself to the experienced user – but that’s not me! Subdividing the mesh doesn’t seem to work.

      I sort of know about loop cuts, the knife tool and stuff like that – but as you can tell, modelling isn’t exactly my strong point.

      I would like to fix this one myself rather than go back to TurboSquid saying the model doesn’t look right. That said, would a file conversion to .blend fix it? I am currently importing .obj.

      Any pointers greatly appreciated.


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